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Wedo technical braids: There for you – since 1954!

Wedo is a global market leader for wicks. With its own testing laboratory, Wedo is also a pioneering innovator in its industry. We offer a wide range of solutions in the field of technical braids, which makes us a powerful partner for most industries. Special solutions included!


From medical technology to aerospace engineering:

Neuheit: der Wedo-Dochtkonfigurator

Um bestmögliche Brennergebnisse zu gewährleisten, muss der Docht auf das gewünschte Kerzensystem abgestimmt werden. Mit unserem Dochtkonfigurator definieren Sie Sie die Kerze und wir eine Auswahl an geeigneten Dochten.

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More interesting topics

All about wicks

Let us forget our age of high technology for a second and have a purely scientific look at the mechanics of a candle flame. When we light the wick of a candle, the heat of the flame melts the wax.

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Wick positions

Ideal wick position: The wick protrudes from the candle in a straight line and bends towards the flame boundary, entering the “glow zone”, where it burns fully at the highest temperature under the influence of oxygen.

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Temperature distribution

The flame of a candle is separated into different glowing and temperature areas, which are easily visible to the naked eye: (1) Candle (2) Wick (3) Blue zone: Usually outside of the luminous zone Hottest zone due to oxygen contact

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